My Digital Comic

Hello everybody!

  • First, sorry for my English -

I would like to show you my digital comic made with open-source softwares (including synfig). This is my “monograph” (don´t if this term is correct to use in English) of my graduation in design.

Synfig was amazing in this project, it´s my first time using it - a few bugs I know, and some difficults were found - but I’m very satisfied with this software.

The HQD is based in a very tradional brazilian music style called “moda de viola” I used the song “Ferreirinha”.

Hope you like, and understand what I wrote here :slight_smile:

Drawings are very cool. I like so much the textures. Regarding to the comic itself I have just one tiny complain: the font size used for the globes is to small for my taste. It is some times difficult to read due to its size.

Anyway nice work!

Very nice work. My spanish isn’t good enough to follow what’s going on, but it looked good. I liked the sunset, and the cliffhanger at the end…


Thank’s guys