Music video by me: "Jumble Sale" by Professor Elemental and Tom Caruana

Music video by me, used for the release of Jumble Sale four years ago. Professor Elemental is a chap-hop artist: he produces songs in the persona of a Victorian gentleman of science.

Jumble Sale
[is there a way of embedding the video, rather than just having a link?]

Everything is in Synfig except:

  • The Ceefax scene at 00m32s (Ceefax was the beloved former BBC television information service. I wanted more control over the positioning than I could work out how to do in Synfig, at the time)
  • The brief graffiti image at 01m09s and 02m12s (I couldn’t figure out how to show recorded handwriting as it’s written in Synfig, at the time)
  • The Fourier analyser at 01m12s and 02m16s (which is actually correct for the music! This needed so much fine control that I figured I’d do it the difficult way)
  • And everything between 02m29s to 03m38s, though I don’t remember why at present

All these were done with Python scripts, mostly producing SVG which was then rasterised-- except the credits, which were done in Pitivi.


Aha! I have now discovered how to embed the video.