Multiple Characters with Skeleton Layers

Good evening - I created multiple characters in Gimp. I then imported the files into Synfig, used the cutout animation tool, and attached a skeleton layer (linking the bone to each section of the body). I’ve saved each character individually (as a sifz file).

I am able to open multiple characters in a scene (each character opens in its own pane/tab; I then copy and paste into the first pane/tab). My problem arises when I try to move the different parts of the body. I can move the arms/legs/head of the first character without issue, but if I try to move the arms/legs/head of the second character, Synfig crashes.

Am i able to reuse characters with skeletons? Or do I need to attach a skeleton to each character each time I want to animate a scene?

If it makes a difference, I am using the Linux Development Version 1.1.12. (Also, I have no coding experience.)

Any thoughts are appreciated.


EDIT: I was digging a little further and found this - viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10275&p=32376&hilit=plug+ins+add+character+two#p32376. Is this what I want to do?

The plugin you mentioned was my poor attempt to reuse rigged characters, but stranded on my poor programming knowledge. Until the devs decide to finally make work of a decent library system in Synfig that allows reuse without linking problems, you do can reuse rigged characters, but you have to animate them in there own sif file. Once you import them into a new scene you can only translate them with the group transform widget: move, scale etc. Once you think you have to change something with the rig and the skeleton or bones itself you have to do it in the original sif file of the character. So if you want to create a rigged character for reuse yo have to safe it twice: once clean with no keyframes or waypoints and secondly animated for use in a new scene.