Multi-person, Music sychronized, Multiplane animation

Long story short - each character/instrument combination was a different file, at 24fps, synchronized using kdenlive. I put them all together in one (first by linking it, then by copy/pasting, so that I could properly make minute edits). There’s some of everything here. A lot of warp layers, a few imported svgs, a few pngs, a LOT of animated parameters, and MANY MANY time loops. Also lots of keyframes on exported canvases. Also the multiplane effect. Lots of tracing of source pngs. Some things which aren’t obvious - the player of the purple violin (Rose) has hair that his blowing in the wind.

WEIRD ISSUE: Neither Synfig (via command line) or Synfig Studio would render frame 1563 (1m 5s 3f). I had to render 0-1562 and then 1564-3959. Also I rendered this at 1280x720, which took 20 hours or so (I couldn’t get the multithread encoding to work properly, the command line should be better explained - which are the default options, which are the specific options?).

Really cool! Liked it a lot.

Beautiful animation!

Regarding to frame 1563, can you render the frame 1563 only as a single png? I’m curious on try to reproduce the problem in other computer. Did it just skip the frame or it crashed or something? Is is possible to share the problematic source code.
Regarding to synfig command line, there is not so many documentation than the built in help.

After rendering frame 1562, both the GUI and the command line crashed. I could not render frame 1563 as a single png. I was able, with no problem, to preview it and take a screenshot of that, but for some reason ffmpeg was not happy to put that frame in nicely with the rest - but that’s probably because it had differing tags or something or other. Not a Synfig issue.
Total.sifz (1.14 MB)

I can’t open the file. Synfig complains it can’t open RosePlucking.sifz.

Sorry - I thought that file had all the others inside it, but RosePlucking was still linked. Should be fixed in this one.
Total.sifz (1.14 MB)

Nice :slight_smile: I like shifting shapes and characters

I was wondering, were you able to render frame 1563 at a lower resolution? I’ve been trying to do a big render lately, and synfig segfaults on certain frames (at 1920×1080, but not at lower resolutions)

I still having Rosepluking.sifz requested and not found.

Problem solved. I’d been having that problem when I was running the Synfig binaries downloaded from the website in Sabayon Linux, now I’m using Arch Linux and running the (same) version from the repositories, and that frame renders.