Multi angled character

I am working on a multi angled sprite based vector character. You change the angle, separate body and head, and the sprites (mouth, eyes, brows and hands) using fixed sliders.
This is a first mock up of a head. (Only two angles and just a few sprites.)



This looks nice. Please could you also share the .sif file with the members, if you don’t mind.

I will once I finish the template.

I added two angles for the body and another slider that switches the body from front to 45 degrees. Before adding hand sprites I am going to try and rig both angles with bones first.

Latest addition of the multi angled character. Had some issues with attaching the heads to a bone without losing connection with the bodies. For now I solved it with a rotate and translation. Double click in the controls in sets to activate them. Sliders work as sliders do on the canvas.

turnaround_wip.sifz (63.6 KB)

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Solved the issues with the head bones. The heads can be controlled with a bone now. Next step: add some hands.

turnaround_wip.sifz (64.7 KB)

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