Mr. Banana Adventures

My animator nature doesn’t leave me stop doing things :blush: . I have recognized lately that I have not talent in doing good drawings on creating original ideas and have a lack of imagination on create original stories. Once I have recognized and assumed it I feel comfortable to do things without the feeling that the drawings are bad or are copied. Also I have the luck of have a son that floods imagination by the four corners and likes comic drawing.

My son has drawn 25 pages (and counting) of an imaginative adventure of a strange character: Mr. Banana.
Mr. Banana is an ingenuous character (banana shaped) that has lots of unknown power. One day Mr. Potato (potato shape character Master of the master or martial art) met him and started to train him. The hidden power of Mr. Banana surprises Mr. Potato day by day…

Here is a page of the story board :slight_smile:

So once I saw the material and had the agreement of the author I’ve started to work on the animatic. I wish to do a sound recording with the voices of my sons and create a final animation using Synfig Studio :wink:

Here are the videos of the three first scenes I’ve created so far:

Will hopefully post here the progresses.

Looking forward to see more.

Hahaha so cool Mr Banana!

Two more updates :slight_smile:

Hi guys!
Sorry for the inconvenience but my son has asked me to remove all the public material from Internet until the animation is completely finished. And he is the boss :slight_smile:

Splendid of your son. You have to be careful what you put out there.