Moving several keyframes/waypoints?

How do I select several keyframes (or waypoints, I must say I find the whole concepty of keyframes/waypoints vague and confusing) for moving them together?

I’ve searched but havent found anything on this.

Hi rylleman,
you can select several waypoints on the timetrack using the methods described here:

Thank’s Genete.

Using ctrl-clicking only allows you to select keys from one channel at a time and you have to single click them one by one to select them.

It would be nice to be able to select from all channels and to have some kind of drag-selection to select several at once.

You actually can do that doing this:

Encapsulate the layer(s) you want to drag all its parameters. Select the encapsulated. The waypoints shown in the canvas parameter are the sum of all the parameters waypoints of the layer(s). Consider that if there are different interpolation types in the same frame for different parameters/layers (ie. TCB & linear) the waypoint in the canvas parameter is shown as greyed (unknown interpolation). You can select single/multiple waypoints in the canvas parameter and it would affect to all the canvas layers/parameters below.

I hope it makes sense. :wink:


How about creating a keyframe (synfig keyframe) and moving it? I believe that moves all waypoints associated with that keyframe.

Yes, it would work too. But it moves all the waypoints in all the parameters in all the layers within the current scope of the keyframe (that is the root canvas of the document)
Using the paste canvas waypoints would make it easier for a group of layers.