Movie editing tool

Can someone recommend a good free video editing tool? I need it to add sound to the animation, and to have close-ups. I’m new to video editing so a basic one would be good? As long as it can do the above…

There are many: … g_software
I’ve worked long time ago with Cinelerra. Excellent results difficult to understand the interface.
OpenShot looks very promising
Pitivi is the corrent Ubuntu default video editor.


Kdenlive is much more advanced and stable than Openshot, but using the same framework. I would highly recommend it. If you’re doing simple, simple editing, meaning only cutting, Avidemux is a great linear video editor. Blender also has a non-linear video editor built in. Like the rest of blender, it isn’t really intuitive, but it’s powerful once you know what you’re doing - many Blender projects are done entirely in Blender, and that includes all the video editing, not just creation.
But I’d really have to recommend Kdenlive as the most stable and intuitive one out there - far more stable than Openshot, and with many more features (the newest release includes rotoscoping!). I understand that Cinelerra is powerful, but I never could get so that I could use it.

Wow! it mentios that integrates well with Synfig! … nvironment
What can I say? Go for Kdenlive!

I would use this, but it seems that it doesn’t have a download for windows users.

No, it haven’t.
Try LightWorks. It is not yet Open Source (planned to be soon) but it is Free and very complete.

Ok, it says I need the VFW codec. But the link is broken and I can’t find it.

I’ve just discovered that Windows Movie Maker has all the tools I need! Wow. Who’d a thought?