movement, should I or should I not?

Hi everyone,

i would like to make a character run along a path…should I keep the background (landscape) still and move only the character or make them both move in different directions? :unamused: I would like the movement to look realistic…

Thanks in advance


Start with doing the run. Background movement is the easy part, you can experiment with that later.

I’ve done everything the path and the characters and i’m just waiting for a piece of advice from someone who has done this before.

Choose from one or other case depends on the scene itself. What’s the story behind? Is the background important? Is the character angry, happy, neutral, just walking? Do you really need to show the full body walking? What’s actually the character doing meanwhile walks?


Thanks for your reply, in fact the characters are running .

If the character is going to enter in the scene, only move the character until it get the attention of the viewer and it get the position that you want.

Then, you can loop the running animation and move the background to give it the sense of movement in space. Remember the z-distance (parallax). Far objects in background move slowest than near objects.

With this you get continuity in your animation.

If you are looking for dinamic, only move the character in still backgrounds with a lot of and fast takes.

Very informative, thank you :slight_smile: