Movement of a tail on a ''Z axis" without touching waypoints?

Hello! I was wondering if I could do the same thing as the example bellow, but with only using deformation layers (or other techniques that doesn’t involve moving the triangle’s waypoints). I tried spherise and curve warp but they are no good for this. Curve warp is close but if I put details on the triangle (like putting a circle on it) the circle wouldn’t grow as much as the triangle, so it doesn’t give the illusion of movement in a Z axis


The reason why I only want to animate with deformation, transformation, etc. layers is because I want to animate some character bases then add some details afterwards, whitout having to animate these details. For example I used the green lizard base to make the black dragon here:
litse ex

Are you try it with: Twirl?

I found out that if I group the details with the base, curve warp works fine. I still would have to manually widen the details horizontally to truly give an illusion of movement but it’s still a lot less work that way. That is, if there’s a way to make that task quicker, I’m still open to ideas!

Twirl doesn’t make part of the image bigger, so this is not what I’m looking for. I made the example with the reptiles, so I don’t need help with making the tail move in that way because I already am able to do that with curve warp. Moving in the Z axis means that it move towards and away from the viewer, not up and down :slight_smile: