Move several objects / ungroup


I’m new to Synfig and this forum so excuse me if I ask dumb or already asked questions. My apologies beforehand. (I do have experience with vector drawing and especially Inkscape).

  1. I am drawing a scene in Synfig and want to move several objects together. I can select them (Ctrl- or Shift-click the layers), but when I grab one of their handles, only the object in question moves instead of all of them together. I found a workaround grouping them together, but this seems unnecessary to me? Can I move several selected objects at once? (Like in Inkscape: select various shapes/paths and just drag all of them at once?)

  2. Can I easily ungroup objects? (The only thing I found now was dragging them out of the group, then deleting the group layer).

Many thanks in advance…

You need to select all the handles that you want to modify (CTRL-A). In Synfig everything made in canvas is through the handles, except the Bucket Tool that acts over layers.

Yes, that’s the only way currently. A good feature request.