Move several keyframes together?

I think I know the answer to this one but I have to ask anyway.
Is there some way to move multiple keyframes together?

Hi rylleman,
there are two kind of movements for the keyframes:

  1. Modify one keyframe position (keyframe time value)
  2. Modify the keyframe length (time between the keyframe and the following one(s))
    ->shortcut for 1) is click & drag the keyframe widget.
    ->shortcut for 2) is ALT+click & drag the keyframe widget.

Say you have the following keyframes: (the dots means frames)
If you move the keyframe B (case 1) to the right three frames it would produce this:
······A······B···C···D····E·····F (only keyframe B is moved)
If you modify the keyframe B’s length from 6 to 10 frames it would produce this:
······A···B··········C···D····E·····F (keyframes from C to the end are shifted)
So effectively the keyframes from C to the end of time are shifted 4 frames to the right.
If you want to displace all the keyframes (from A to F) you have to move A first and then shift B later. That’s because there is not any keyframe before keyframe A (the first keyframe)

Hope that helps

Thanks!, didn’t think of changing the length parameter, partly because in the manual it says it doesn’t do anything (wrong then) and partly because there is no visible change until you step forward/backward in the timeline.
This whole aspect of keyframes is then undocumented. I’ll do that when I got time.

Again, thank you! It will save me a lot of time.

That’s huge time saver, didn’t knew about this one, thanks!

My only wish would then be that included canvases (or bline points) would not automatically get additional waypoints from moving a keyframe… as this sometimes breaks the harmony of the animation. I didn’t find a way to prevent this yet.


Keyframes are per canvas. But you can have “other” canvases inside a canvas…
Say you have a root canvas and some keyframes defined in it. That root canvas has some exported canvases inside. They have its own keyframes so when you modify something outside the exported canvas it doesn’t affect the inner exported canvas for its own keyframes. The mess comes in when you select a layer from a exported canvas in the workarea of the root canvas… the program gets confused and shows the root keyframes in the timeline but uses the inner keyframes as waypoint generators… So you see waypoints apearing in places where there are not any keyframe… That’s something I want to fix for ages but I don’t figure how to proceed yet.
Currently to work properly in an inner exported canvas the best choice is to use its own workarea (a separated window). Then the keyframes are shown properly. Them problem is that the timeline is not sync upwards when you move the time cursor in the inner canvas (or viceversa I’m not sure) so it is not easy to work in two different windows with a fluid work flow.
I remember that dooglus disabled that syncrhonization for time cursors for some kind of recursive endless loop…