Move a small animation within the main animation?

I have a small animation (2 second sprite) inside the main animation but would like to grab all the keypoints/waypoints and move it 5 (or 10) seconds down stream without disturbing the mail animation. Is it possible to do that? I should be able to select the layer where the small animation is and just slide it in the Timetrack window to what ever location I want. I know that selecting a keypoint and L-Click+Atl key moves all in the timeline.

Thanks for your help.

You have to put the needed layers into a separate group. Then in the group layer’s parameters change ‘Time offset’ to ‘-5s’ to delay it for 5 seconds.

Thanks for your help! That’s what I’m doing but that is not so WYSIWYG. Should be able to select all and move on the timetrack, and done! I figured there had to be something more friendlier. The issue with all these parameters (number based) is that it requires more (math)brain gymnastics and more hidden stuff to find. This program is more like for a math nerd that wants to animate than an artist brain.

What I figured out that I can do the small animations(sprite) on a separate file that mimics the same timeline and then I import it onto the main movie. Also made sure that is the sprite is within 2 keypoints to move. Since I’m a new user, this is the best solution I found so far. I’m not sure of this but eventually i might be able to just cut&paste the small animation directly on the main one since its all in synch! I hope!


Well, it’s true. Synfig isn’t very friendly and there are areas where fiddling with numbers is sill the only way to accomplish something pretty much basic. Like changing interpolation between waypoints which requires changing TCB parameters by hand which is hell.

You can try to reach developers on GitHub ( and suggest an improvement/feature but if you ask me, there are much more fundamental issues to be fixed first like stability, broken functionality, documentation (being addressed, slowly), performance (being addressed).

You are right that is no where in the list of most important things to address! I’m on Win10 Pro(1809) and it crashes constantly. Its very unstable…but free(donation based). Yes stability should be on the top of the list. So I get it! it might be more solid in Linux! They are probably to busy for this.

Like changing interpolation between waypoints which requires changing TCB parameters by hand which is hell.

That dosen’t sound like fun!

I dont have a good grasp when to use TCB in waypoints. Is TCB what you use the most? I might not be using the correct interpolations! I mainly use the default “Clamped” and at times “Constant”. I just started using “Linear” for some some rain drops falling. for the small sprite in question at top!

What Synfig lacks is a way to select all Kepoints/waypoints in the timeline and just edit the complete selection! Change all parameters in one! Or select all and delete!

Yeah, same :slightly_frowning_face:

Of course not (it’s too hard to use), but I wish I could use it more. It allows a very flexible control over interpolation of values unlike other types of interpolation. Check out one of my animations:

See what’s happening there? The camera movement go from the very smooth at the beginning and then build up speed until it stops at the center of the palnet. This cool effect is done using TCB because with other types of interpolation it will look clumsy, like too fast, or too ‘linear’, even with ‘easy in/out’ interpolation.

Svarov, That is awesome! nice piece of animatimation. That is some fine work!
That is good to know that you can do that with Synfig. I have made many movements or camera movement that look strange on the “fluidity” but have not able to figure out what is going on. I have adjusted those movements issues by adding more waypoints at increasing timing intervals and faking the acceleration or de-acceleration. I will have to experiment with that TCB interpolation. Now I’m trying to figure out how to use loop layer!.. Agh! that will be another questions here if I cannot figure it out how to stop the loop.

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