Morphing and imported images

Hi there!

I’m currently working on an IOS project and Synfig was mentioned to solve a problem. My current process involves drawing refrence images by hand, scanning, tracing with Inkscape, importing the svg with gimp for touchups and exporting to a PNG file.

When it comes to animation, I have one SVG image per frame (usually 12) which needs to be imported into gimp to create a PNG SpriteSheet. It’s smooth, but i’d like to try for smoother.

I’ve found some references to “morphing” and was wondering if that technique could be used to fill in the gaps between the frames. The problem is, I have 12 SVG frames already created and the reference material on this site states it’d be best to retrace using Synfig. “”.

Is it possible to try this technique and have decent results without having to use blines, or can Synfig manipulate and morph the SVG content? They’d be loaded as 12 different objects.

I really am impressed with what I’ve seen so far, and am looking forward to testing. Hoping for some insight to help decide if I should look at this now, or for my next project.


Synfig can understand SVGs, or you can use the Inkscape plug-in to generate SIF files directly. What it can’t do is take 12 separate images and interpolate between them. You can take the first image, import it in, and then animate that, and Synfig will do the in-betweening, but it needs to know how the lines relate between the frames.