Monstercat Animation Contest

hey guys

thought i might share this contest going on … _content=7

could be great exposure for anyone who’s into animation/speed drawing/art.



Hi and welcome here,

when I saw your post in moderation queue I was hesitating before to accept it as for me it looks like a “hidden” advertisement more than an open animation contest…
But… why not ?

To make it clear for our audience, this is NOT A FREE CONTEST.

So, to compete:

  • it is required to buy a Monstercat Gold access or from an approved store to use it in the video…
  • whatever will be produced by the competitors will be used by Monstercat as source of incomes UNLESS buy a license from them ($200)…
  • the prizes reach until $200 under the form of a “Monstercat Gift Card” (only!)

It would be a lot more fair to:

  • Provide free music with direct download (even if restricted access, for the competitors at least)
  • Ensure inclusion of reference to Monstercat in the video and in Youtube title/description such as
    “Music used with permission from Monstercat as part of animation contest”

So why I allowed this post ?
Because I wanted to point out this type of business model and why not to open the debate on this unbalanced system.
We could compare it to illegal work of animator!
I would not advice anyone to compete, sorry.

It could be a win-win, it is only in favor of Monstercat at the end.
Unless they change their conditions :mrgreen: