Monoprice Tablet: No Pressure Sensitivity




So I’m brand new to Synfig. I just downloaded it today since I’ve been looking for free alternatives to Flash. I seem to have everything else working fine, but unfortunately my graphics tablet’s pressure sensitivity is not working, which is very important to my work.

I went into Input Devices and this is all I see listed:

Neither of these options seem to correspond with my tablet or pen. I tried disabling options which I’ve seen suggested, but the Virtual Core options will not stay disabled, even when the other two options are enabled. I had a similar problem when using my tablet with GIMP and it turned out to be an issue with my driver software, but I don’t think this is the same here.

Basically I am able to use my tablet with Synfig, but it only functions as another mouse with no pressure sensitivity. I do have the Pressure Sensitivity checkbox selected in Drawing mode.

My tablet is a Monoprice tablet, and I’m running Windows 8.1 64-bit.


What makes you think it is not the same problem than Gimp?


Well, to be sure, I just updated my driver (and sure enough there was a newer version), and tried it again. It still works fine in gimp, but I still have no pressure sensitivity in Synfig. It’s also still not appearing in the Input Devices list.

I’ve also repeatedly tried the “Rename settings folder and generate a new one” trick, and that’s not doing anything either.

I use it with both Inkscape and Gimp. It seems to be working with everything but Synfig.


I’m guessing this forum isn’t very active, at least in the technical department.

I just tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it with my tablet plugged in (which it wasn’t before) in case there was some kind of detection going on during installation that I missed.

Still no luck.


There is not option for us to help you more on this matter because it is a specific hardware problem. We rely on Gnome/Gtk drivers/code to read input from devices so without a physical tablet it is difficult to know what’s happening.
That’s what happen with some hardware vendors that doesn’t collaborate opening their drivers sources to allow free/open source people create a good driver for their programs. Most of the current working drivers on free/open source are coded by reverse engineering. Obviously, that huge effort is only done for popular hardware so not all brands work correctly.


Time to keep a trace of your problem : synfig bugtracker


Ok, so just report it as a bug then?

Update: Nevermind… I’m trying to send the report and I get “Error: null” when I try to post it.

Update Again: I realized I needed to register first

I also discovered that the Monoprice 5x8 tablet is nothing more than a redistributed, rebranded Huion H58L. I went to the Huion website to download that driver, but it seems to be the exact same software, so as you would expect, it still isn’t working.