Mom's Angel

Hey, I uh… I’m not finished with this it seems. I’m horrible at taking criticism too. I am learning to be more patient. This is my interpretation of a serious angel. I thought of entity, and what pure “good” would be, and just a mass of anergy. I gave it shape, but I just wanted some thoughts, critique on what I should, maybe do next, thanks!

Hi Nahztu,
I would like see some use of curved lines in the shapes you create. Also it would be good if you create your characters composed by more than one layer.
You can link points between different layers. Select both layers and also select the ducks to link. Then right click - >Link. It would allow glue them.

I think that adding more regions with different colours and also adding outlines to your regions you can achieve a better definition of your characters (an angel in this case).

Keep working, and read the wiki and its tutorials.



Ya, I liked it, but you are right, I don’t do a lot of curved lines, mainly because I don’t know how. It’s funny you metion the layers, I actually used a lot of layers, but it very unoticeable because she’s all white, but I guess that’s the flaw. I liked it to begin with, but I actually did a different version of it in the finished section, and I like it a lot better. Thanks for the response.