Modern iconset (light and dark)

Not necessarily a bug.
If user is using lipsync file, it can happen too, until user set all mouth shapes.
It works as a reminder or warning that such named layer should exist.

Got it, thanks again.

How about these two options?

  • option 1: a normal layer group partially transparent
  • option 2: a “warning group layer”

Any opinions? @KonstantinDmitriev @lobozamora @Khemardi @FirasH @Svarov
Maybe the second option, but with question mark ? ?

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Why not to add a little Ghost on the folder?
:ghost: (<- Not necessarily this one)

Or even better, one of the Good Ghosts of our friend @nethertales !


Here you have all the proposed options:

I can also design a ghost, but I think it’s too literal and does not represent what the “functionality” really does. :face_with_peeking_eye:

The frowning face ghost :smile:

@rodolforg I like Ghost Layer (option 1) but I think if it was a light grey in the same lowered opacity it would work better. Something like below:


or even dotted outline: