mixed movie seen with Synfig project


is it possible to enter a movie seen inside my synfig project? my project is a character who will discuss some movie

if yes, how can I do it ? or what is the best way to complete such project without to face any problem in the end of project?


directly, you can’t.
But there are some workaround to achieve this.

The easiest one:

  • Create your animation and export it as PNG with transparency (1 image/frame)
  • Compose your movie scene and the PNG files in a non-linear video editor

Another one:

  • Extract each frame of the video and import them in Synfig (as .lst)
  • Extract the sound track too if you want
  • Do your animation in Synfig
    You will need a non-linear video editor to mix video + sound at the end anyway.

Have fun ^^