Misleading labels

I’ve found a few places in Synfig with a little confusing or misleading labelings;

In the Preview options it says zoom but what the option does is not zoom, it’s resolution/quality. Suggesting to rename to quality.

Layer panel, menu it says remove layer. There’s also remove layer from group where the layer is removed from a group but still is kept in the project. Remove layer deletes the layer from the project. I suggest rename the option to delete layer which suggests a more definite removal than remove.

In render settings it says Use current frame. For what? Could be relabeled to Render current frame only or something similar for clarification.

Any other examples?

Thanks for the revision of those misleading labels. Easy to fix but very important to do it right. Thanks!

fixed in some easy (code) work to do? & sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=de … tid=757416