Mirroring Problems

So, I’m currently having a problem with trying to mirror an object in the Parameters menu.

All of them work just fine, but just type of eyes that I’m using. It works with the Y scale but not with the X scale. I’m thinking because maybe it’s because it’s rotated.
Can anybody help?

[Update] I had to re-import my image with the eye rotated as the default picture.

? Sorry I couldn’t understand.

I currently have eyes with different images using z depth. One of the images in there, I had imported and rotated it in Synfig. (Angry eyes for example.)

If the imported image is a JPEG, check its EXIF Orientation Flag

Edit: PNG also supports EXIF since 2017

P.S: Why not to use the Switch Layer instead of playing with Z-Depth? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using a “switch control” using the Z-Depth.