Migration to the new server

On August 12th we have migrated our main website and forums to the new server (wiki stays untouched). We hope that will improve general performance of the website resources and open the possibilities for further growing.

Until August 25th we are still testing server capabilities to know if that will really bring us expecting speed improvement. For regular website visitors: we need to know your opinion about the new server performance, please submit your feedback and report any issues you encounter to this forum thread. Thank you!

Apart of the links of attached files and the gallery data, that are now fixed, I don’t see any issue at the moment.

One of my dreams would be to unify forums, wiki and website style and user/password. I guess that user/password maybe impossible but I pray to have an uniform style all around.

I have also some other requests, once that we can settle in the new servers:
-Fix doxigen API scripts.
-Weekly development snapshot binaries building (using building scripts).

Also I want to mention that the new server is a private NON FREE host service, so more than ever donations are welcome.

Yes, I also would like to have single authorization for forums/wiki/main website. But this is a long-term goal…

Regarding to other things:

I will try to fix API building scripts ASAP.
Regarding to the weekly development snapshot - we can’t use new servers for this task, because it’s very resource-consuming. But we can try to organize this with graphicall.org/about (yu gave me that link some time ago).