Migration from synfig.org to sf.net pending issues list

Please, post the problem you find on functionality and in services missing due to migration from synfig.org to sourceforge.net server.
Do not post wishes. Only things that already worked on synfig.org

Pending issues:

  1. Recaptcha not possible to enable in wiki or forum.
  2. Sendmail doesn’t work from sf. Users cannot auto confirm from wiki account.
  3. API still on synfig.org
  4. Patches Review board still on synfig.org
  5. Forum users are automatically logged out when browser closes. On synfig.org that didn’t happen.
  6. Some links at synfig.sourceforge.net still pointing to synfig.org
  7. Forums have the same problem for new users like wiki. A new user can be created but it needs email confirmation that is never sent from sf server.
  8. Forum doesn’t have any captcha module enabled.

The gallery, as well as a few other pages, still link to the wiki for images.

I fixed all of the synfig.org gallery links

Need another IRC logging solution as slogger is still on synfig.org (but not working anymore). I don’t want to rely on Dooglus’ logger indefinitely.

Can we alias synfig.com to www.synfig.com? I keep typing it without the www and it sits and times out before I remember.

Darco is the owner of that domain name (www.synfig.com):


I’m not aware of synfig.com and whether if it owner by him or not. Only synfig.org is without www.


synfig.sourceforge.netforums – that is, www before the domain name leads to problems.

I don’t know if it’s the new site but there seem to be a bit more spam coming through posted on the forum.

Wihoo, auto-login now works!

We’re interrupted migration to sf.net. It’s not satisfying our needs. From now we’re stay (probably temporary) on synfig.org. People, I need your support. Please report if you are experience memory issues with synfig.org. More later.

Finally we have moved everything to tuxfamily.org host services. So thread is locked.