Middle Mouse Wheel Zoom

An option to make the middle mouse wheel zoom in and out. Right now it just scrolls vertically but the MMW button drag can do that. As a note I’m not sure if it is just me but the drag pan is a little unstable and seems to want to keep going to the right.


Did you try Ctrl + MMW :wink:

MMW = Vertical Pan
Shift + MMW = Horizontal Pan

Yes I was aware of that thanks. I am just used to the mouse scroll zoom from other apps. Not a big deal.

image If you want to scroll to zoom, then just move the mouse pointer to the text area(where 100% is written) and scroll.

oh thats helpful, thanks!

Please note that the MMW combos that I indicated are the standard used in most desktop applications:
Web browsers, GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice… (but Krita)
They have nothing “surprising” :wink: