Metadata panel documentation needed

Right now the metadata panel documentation consists of an image. Which needs to be updated.

I know grid settings is stored there. But then what? What else can it be used for? Is it used for anything else?

Can anyone with some knowledge about metadata please write a bit of documentation?

Thank you.

If you look at the Tutorial pages I wrote on Grids and Guides I’ve mentioned how to use it for those.

I would write some more but I’m busy with work at the moment - as soon as I get some time I can add to this page.

I really like how metadata works in the guides and grid examples, I searched in the API reference with “guide_x” instance but couldn’t find any results, are metadata instances documented somewhere else? I can write this documentation with the help of such reference (if it exists).

I do not exactly understand.
I you are looking for how ,synfig internaly speaking, grid metadata works, you can have a look to this commit who add grid color metadata to synfig.

I you want to write user info into the wiki metadata panel page , and refresh the screenshot … you are also welcome

I meant what are all the available keys I can control from the Metadata panel ,what else I can do with the Metadata panel other than grids and guides?

Metadata panel shows you all the useful existing keys. You ca add mor personal keys but not useful for the program functionality. For example you can add the scene number or the author there, but they just will be stored in the file but not used by the application.

i’have wikified those words…