Merging papagayo and synfig

Hi everyone
I had a lot of problems downloading papagayo and I am still unable to find a copy of papagayo that works properly so then I got an idea what if papagayo and synfig merge together?like maybe a plug-in or straightly in the program like a tool
I worked with Adobe animate/flash and it has a internal lipsync tool it dosent need a input dialog and that would be a grate features too
I think how it works is maybe by extracting the text from the voice like the mobile assistants (Bixby, google assistant, Alexa and etc) and finding the place of each word in the voice
They are open source speech to text programs like Simon but I know that merging all of this programs together is very easier said than done but it was only an idea

my file
hi so i mixed papagayo with an open source speech to text and it will extract the text from the audio and input it to papagayo so you don’t need to enter a diologe i will activate when opening the audio file so expect crashing and lag when opening your audio file but it should output the text after 1 to 5 mintes dependeding on audio file langth
it was my first python project so sorry for messy code

and it needs pyaudio pocketsphinx and SpeechRecognition