Merging multiple tangents at once, or importing merged tangents from SVG

Hey there -

So grateful for synfig! One thing that would hugely make my life easier (and I see it was maybe brought up back in 2009, and perhaps is the inverse of what “quantum” asked about 19 days ago) is:

I like to draw in inkscape then save as SIF and open in synfig to animate. With this work flow however, synfig shows all vertices as having unmerged tangents, which means I have to go in and right click one by one across entire shapes if I want to have merged tangents to preserve smooth curves while animating. Is there a current way or any efforts towards either: a function that lets you merge tangents of multiple vertices at once, or just clicking a whole region layer and saying “merge all tangents” or something… and/or a way to fix this when I import from inkscape? This would save me a BUNCH of time and improve quality of my finished products a LOT. Thank you!

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No way and no effort as long as I know. It’s the same as with quantum’s question, because splitting/merging tangents on multiple vertexes is the same idea.

Just like I said in that thread, it would make for a good feature request on GitHub. Personally, I am not interested in it.

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