Menu bar disappears when interface maximized

I note the following issue when I maximize the interface window.

The menu bar with minimize, maximize and close buttons disappears. This happened when I used the alt + Tab method to alternate between Synfig and VLC.
Let me know if I can help by providing further information.

Thank you.

Hi! Please let me know your operating system. Also, It would be helpful if you can record a video showing your problem (you can use phone camera to record video from your screen).

Hi Konstantin. Thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay in returning to you. I was making sure my answer would be correct.
I had installed my 64bit version of Synfig to C:\Program Files (x86) and since I reinstalled it to the correct folder (C:\Program Files) this issue hasn’t occurred again. However, if it does, despite my tests I’ll come back here to let you know.
Once again, thanks and congratulations on the team’s work.

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