May Challenge - "Created with Synfig"

As a follow-up to the splash screen challenge we had a couple of months back, it was suggested that we have a “created with Synfig” badge or logo that we could use to attach to webpages or animations to steer more people to experiment with Synfig.

To give you an idea - Genete did a mockup based on Rore’s splashscreen:-

We’re opening up the challenge to see if anyone can beat Genete’s (or encourage Genete to improve his own one!)

Criteria - Simplicity and elegance are key.
Voria shield not required, but some visual hook that we can tie back to the look and feel of Synfig and its webpages would be good.
Legible both at large sizes and at small sizes.
If you want to make it animated, then it should have an equivalent ‘still’ version for situations where animations can’t be used (e.g. PDF or dead trees)

Any questions?


hi peope, i make this but is other thing, only a little seem. in this animation, i used inkscape for autotrace many raster bitmaps,then i used my svgtosif converter so is very complex and slow.
after i publish it in youtube.

I love this artwork - I think it really goes to show how great things can look with if we can import in great pictures with the svg converters.


Ooops!! :blush:

I recently have said in the irc channel that I was the only one who made somehting in this challenge. I didn’t remember your animaiton auriel!!! I’m sorry :frowning:

You won the May challenge!!! :smiley:


Well, I made this tiny and stupid thing just because i need it for a personal and ultra-secret animation project 8) .

A way to show in our footers that we love Synfig!! :laughing:

Better late than never…:mrgreen:

Did you do it with synfig? If so, can you share the sifz file? :slight_smile:
If you didn’t use synfig to do the banner then you’re disqualified!! :wink:

Uuuuuh! sounds interesting… :exclamation:

NO! This one is CLOSE SOURCE!!. :smiley:

Yeah! Misterioo!

Hm, late? I don’t know what you mean! angel :smiley:

So, two mini-banners, the “standard” 88x31px and 94x15px. Yaco already did the 80x15 one :wink:
(who created those sizes anyway? I mean… 88x31 … I would understand 85x30 or 90x31, but 88x31, seriously… But as it’s the size used everywhere…)

Done with gimp, that’s much easier for static pixel work :wink:

Never is late if the intention is good. :smiley:

Here is other logo. To be used in an article, animation or if you want you can create your own stamp with a potato and a knife. :wink:


Of course this logo was created with Synfig!

Created-with.sifz (9.54 KB)


EDIT: Another stupid post.

EDIT: Removing dumb post.