May '09 Challenge - Something Random

Whether it’s a noise distort, a noise gradient or a random convert, try creating something beautiful from chaos!


This is to be sure I will participate this month.
bear.sifz (8.11 KB)

Another entry.
sunset.sifz (4.4 KB)

Oh noes, Genete strikes again!
I’m not very found on the texture on the bear, but that sunset scene is wonderfull. :slight_smile:

Here’s my entry (Genete spurred me on). Actually I just realized this would work for last month too!

A lily on a pond.

Beautiful entry pixelgeek! :slight_smile:

Nice water effet Pixelgeek, although it’s maybe moving a little too fast for a pond? (I’m not sure… well, I suppose a pond with enough wind would move that way ^^)

Those are some amazing stuff! :open_mouth:

Halloa! I’m surrounded by geniuses!

Very nice entries Genete and Pixelgeek!

Here’s mine, an animated abstract geometric chaos experience…
(I send only the sifz file as the resulting .avi is too big to attach… render it by yourself ^^)
SymFuzTrip.sifz (5.4 KB)

Very late, but I’ve been experimenting with some of the noise effects. This cloud ended up looking surprisingly realistic with just a couple of layers and settings.


Please source code!
I love that clouds!

Wow! That looks really good!


Glad you guys like it. Here’s the source file to play with.

cloud_01h.sifz (2.2 KB)

Nice cloud. I like the rim lighting. Also congratulations for the latest post to a challenge. I think you put rore to shame!

Heck, I was thinking of eventually working back through all of the old challenges as time permits. So, like, charge up the shame-o-meter, man.



Go for it!