Hi every body
I got a problem with masking Region layers.I have read the masking tutorial in wiki but i like to keep mask shape visible.
for a better explanation i attached an image , in this image i like to get 1 but by that tutorial the result is 2
i tried copping that mask shape layer but in this case during animation i have some deforming on "mask shape"so shaping two layers same is not a very good idea.

According to your drawing to achieve case 1) you have to have this set up:

Light brown layer (Onto)
Dark brown layer (Composite)

And for the second case 2):

Light brown layer (Straight Onto)
Dark brown layer (Composite)

That’s all :slight_smile:


hello everybody am new to synfig i just transfer from an anime studio user to a synfig user and i dont know how to do masking in synfig would anybody be kind as to show me how it done ? :slight_smile:

Well… Talk about checking the wiki (in case you haven’t) :

The manual also have more stuff in it.

Or you can use the cutout tool. That works too.

Please avoid to dig out old threads and create new ones instead.
Don’t forget some features may have changed a lot in 5 years…

okay so i read the masking tutorial on the wikipedia but i still dont know how to use it do i need to group both layers like say both the eyes and the pupils ? or simply mask the layer i want to mask like say the pupil only ?

So, mask layer should be above the layers that you’re trying to mask to make it work.
I’m a bit confused… :blush:
Can you upload like a screenshot of what you’re trying to do ? Probably that will give me more idea.

Also, you should take BobSynfig’s advice. Or if you have a recent thread with similar topic you can use that too. :unamused:

I think this one’s yours : dont know how to make a character wink or blink :wink:

okay i will post a screen shot to show the issue that am having and thanks i could use all the help i can get