Marya Morevna's Logo

Which version of a logo do you like more?

  • Version 1
  • Version 2
  • Version 3
  • Version 4
  • Version 5
  • Version 6
  • Version 7
  • Version 8
  • None of them

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Here’s some variants of Marya Morevna’s logo. She’s a leader of a biker gang.

I invite everyone to participate in the poll.
I will be grateful, if after voting you’ll leave a small comment about reason of your choice.


If someone interested in experimenting with logos - sources attached:logo.tar.bz2 (29.4 KB)

For the logo to be a link to your site, I think you need to have the morevna project text under the logo. Apart from that, as you say, they’re all fairly minor variants.


The background has much influence on the logo. If most of the time the logo would be under a dark color it should be high contrasted.
I’m intrigued about the meaning of the “2”.
I guess that you can select any of them and have two different colors depending on the background color.


I like the red and white ones.

You may hate me for this, but I don’t really like any of them (for being the logo representing the whole project.) Something more dynamic and flowing could be in place.

However, in light that it may be used for the film itself (as a logo emblem upon the cars and motorcycles… I think…) then it is fitting. My votes are for 2, 5, and 7.

Well, I mean, 2 and 5 are good, they work. If you want a sharp, bisymmetrical logo, these can work. In fact, I may get used to them and learn to like them more. But perhaps you could consider going with a different approach to the logo: presenting three highly contrasting logos that represent the Morevna Project perfectly in each of their own, respected ways, but are all different.

Some very good logos are:

Borders (a book store)

Wycliffe (Bible translators)

And some logo design tips:
(I don’t necessarily support all their advice, haven’t read it for a while, but it’s a source to check.)

Is this going to be the logo for the Morevna Project (used for promotion/the website/absolutely everything representing the Morevna Project,) or for Marya Morevna’s motorcade (in the film)?

I believe logo design is awesome, difficult to get right, and a VERY important and core tool for a business, group, or project.

God bless and best wishes,


P.S. If you decide to keep with the current logo design and it becomes the official logo, I will stand behind you. If not, I offer my hands and mind to assist you in the pursuit of an excellent logo: in suggestions, critique, and hands-on work if needed.

Here is a logo I designed for the Forest Quest writing group.

See it here: … -101336291
Not perfect, too complex, but in the end I still like it quite a bit.

Please note the copyright on this image. This is not made for the Morevna Project, it is an example of a logo design.


I think I not clearly defined the purpose of the logo. Yes, it’s not for the whole project. This logo is her personal logo which she used as a logo for her motorcycle company.

I agree with that. The official project logo is very important and needs to be developed with a lot of care. But currently I’m not feeling strong for that and, which is most important - currently it is not a priority task. We have more important things to do - so it project logo be done later.

EDIT: I also liked the logo from the “Project London”:

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Right, gotcha, makes plenty of sense.

Yes, the Project London logo is nice.


I like 7 best, but I think it would be nice to mix it with number 6 and put the two in the circle over it.