Mark Twain's The Mysterious Stranger

So for a while now, I have been learning the ins and outs of Synfig and once I know what to do and how to do things, I will make my little online cartoon (about 10mins) but first, I want to take things for a test run and decided to animate the ending of Mark Twains book, The Mysterious Stranger. I did the rewrite of the story a while back and will be throwing around ideas every now and then for the story. I think this would be a good test run to see how well I can keep my things organized and to see if I know what to do. If you want to read this book and give me some ideas, click here.

As of right now, I am stuck between making it more modern or keeping to its time frame of the 1590’s. Bringing it to a time like today would be a little easer to make and help people understand what is going on. Keeping true to the story will make the story come to life and give people a visual for what it would be like.

Programs that will be used
Synfig (why else would I post here)
Audacity (might also use Acid music studio)

Hi Zielvos!
I’m not native English speaker so I have not read the full story. Anyway coming from Mark Twain it should be a good adaption.
I suggest to use also a video editor (cinelerra, blender or other one) to add sound to the movie. Sync sound to animation would be very difficult if you don’t use a video editor.

Good luck with your project. It has a good looking!



I’ve not read tha tale (like Genete, I’m not native english talker) but I think Poe is better for a short. His tales are very cinematographics.

I suggest: The Black Cat, The Gold-Bug, The Tell-Tale Heart or Annabel Lee.

Anyway, good luck with Twain, and wait notice about that!! :slight_smile:

PD: what about a challenge about Poe? :laughing:


Ah… I’m with Genete about video editor. But Cinelerra is not easy, so I suggest “VirtualDub”.

To run it short for both of you, (would post the video from a kids show but its in English so that won’t help) Its a story about a boy that meets Satan and at the end Satan tells this kid that everything he sees is just a vision or a dream. The world around the boy starts to fade away and he is left in the emptiness of space.

I was thinking of using one of Poe’s stories but hes a bit over used. I have seen a lot of his stories turned into cartoons and such so wanted to try something different. I might use a story by Poe later as I love his work too.

I will look into the movie editors that you both listed, I’m not going to get this up and running right away as I’m still leaning how to use synfig and other programs.