March '09 Challenge - A bouncing ball

In every animator’s early test reel there is - the Bouncing Ball!

Show us your balls! Extra points for amusing or technically challenging ball motions.

I’m gonna try something crazy: a bouncing beach ball. Freely rotatable on any axis (ie. 3D looking).

But I’m gonna cheat a bit :slight_smile: . I’ll be using the program I’m making to test the vector objects idea. It’s the perfect opportunity to test the concept. :smiley:

It will be 100% vector graphics though. I’ll probably make my program output a SIF with a lot of waypoints.

Well, now that I said it out loud, I can’t turn back. :slight_smile:

Yoyobuae going for the extra points in a big way! Looking forward to seeing it!

Yeah! :smiley: :smiley: I have a good idea ,too. I won’t make it 3d-looking. (Synfig is 2D so 2D is pretty good enough.) I hope, i will be able to do it all in synfig. It will have a sliding background with png. Some animated objects as vectors (birds) and a ball as vectors. I won’t give too much details, because i want it to be fresh and new to you. I am already on the edge, with what idea you will come up, this time. :smiley:

Here I go:

Bounce is made with waypoints. Shadow and effects are calculated.
bounceball.sifz (13.4 KB)

Cool! Looks very alive! Simple, but impressive.

So… I decided to do rotating 3d-esque ball. No bouncing yet, only rolling, but the optical illusion seems to work.

Synfig File attached.
ball-test6.sifz (1.76 KB)

Oh! nice! and smart! Never thought on that kind of effect! :slight_smile:

Nice 3d ball rolling effect. What I’m trying is something very similar, but at the same time so very different. :slight_smile:

Nice one. You might want to fix your ‘syfig’ tag to ‘synfig’ :slight_smile:

Yeah Nikitakit 3d-like ball is awesome! Nice idea.

Here’s my little contribution, a boucing ball crossing the screen made as a transition sequence…
blueball.sifz (7.2 KB) (459 KB)

I was not able to see the video in the computer I’m using now, so I uploaded it to yourtube to watch it. It is nicely done!
I hope you don’t mind I uploaded the video to youtube. I you want I can delete it and you make your own.

Yop Genete no problem for you post it on youtube, please just add a description line under it sayin’ “made by Satrip (Timothée Giet)” or something like that, and I’ll be happy ^^ …
Personnaly I don’t post on Youtube anymore, but as this file is made for sharing and for the fun there’s no problemo :wink:

Done! :slight_smile:

Excellent entries everyone. Not sure which one I prefer.

[size=50](Well, everyone except me, my bouncing ball looks totaly pathetic. So much I’m not sure i’ll post it :blush: I may try to redo it later, but well, really, it’s bad. My animation is as fluid as gravels pickled in cold tar.)[/size]

(cough cough sorry… :blush: )

Ok, I improved a little bit my animation, and added several balls, so it’s harder to see what’s happening and see the flaws :stuck_out_tongue:

(sifz to follow)

My minimalist entry:

Don’t even start me about everything that’s wrong with it… :wink:


OK - well past the deadline, and I’m going to admit defeat on this one. Have a mildly wobbling ball…