Managing multiple images

I am attempting to create an educational video that uses many images that appear (in various ways) and then disappear (again in various ways). I would like to know how I can manage so many images, especially when they appear (e.g. fade in), resize, reposition, and disappear (e.g. move offstage). I got pretty good at this several years ago but have lost all that memory and don’t have the original files anymore.

Many thanks

You could place all your images in one folder then drag and drop them in Synfig and do what you need to do from there.

My problem is in keeping them hidden until I need them and then re-hiding them when I’m done.


Thanks BobSynfig. To clarify my muddled thinking, do I import all my images at the start and then use opacity to reveal and hide them as needed?

Do you want to do it in a batch, right? Like a slideshow or something like that.
Currently, there’s no such automated feature AFAIK

Sort of like a slide show but with more action going on. I plan to do everything manually. My question is, should I import all my images at first or wait until I need them? Thanks

The content of a layer image stays the same from the beginning to the end of the animation.
Only the values of its properties change.
So just create the layer image with Opacity 0 at the beginning (waypoints type constant) and animate afterwards (in animation mode).

You can also play with the Switch layer in case of mutually exclusive layers :wink:


Very helpful. Thanks so much!!!

This would be a slide-shower indeed :slight_smile:

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