Making a bone follow a spline

Is there a way to make a bone (the origin, the angle or the length) follow a spline? (Synfig 1.2.0 64bit on Win10)

I want to make the tip of the bone (the length handle) follow a curvy spline. So I tried this: select the handle of the bone, then select the spline layer (Ctrl+click the layer) and finally right click on the spline to select “Link to Spline”. The program says “Link to Spline Successful”, but the handle isn’t following the spline.

Hi there,

It’s possible, but there’s a bug in Synfig so you kinda can’t use it by now… Bummer.
Check the attached file. Is that what you want? Move the ‘DOT’ layer around to see how it works.
BoneFollowsSpline.sif (8.66 KB)

Totally useful!! I was goofy using the convert options of the handles of the bone, but I got to nowhere. Thanks again.