Make multiple objects visible and invsible during animation

I’m able to make objects visible and invisible during the animation by using 4 way points and “amount” variable. However I would like to see if their is an easier way.

What I’m doing is putting up word balloons like in comics. As I check the speed and see when i can put the next balloon up I need to adjust the times for other balloons, which becomes a hassle when 4 way points must be adjusted because of this.

Is there an easier way?

You’ll need at least 3 waypoints for one word balloon:
One in the beginning (amount=0),
one where it starts to be visible(amount=1)
and another one where it stops to be visible.

In order to make the word balloons appear and disappear instantly, set the waypoint type to ‘Constant’.

I hope this makes life easier for you. (it’s one waypoint less)

the third way-point also needs to be 1 or else the word balloon with slowly disappear versus removing instantly when a fourth one setting the amount to zero one frame later.

I guess I’m looking for a user interface set up. I need to read up on making plugins because What i’ll be making moving way points to adjust will be to annoying to use.

That’s what why you want to change the waypoint type to ‘Constant’ (those with the red color).
To make sure it doesn’t fade.

Textpopup.sifz (1,3 KB)

I attached a file where a speech bubble
is invisible from 0f to 30f,
visible form 30f to 60f,
and invisible again from 60f to 90f.
And all by using just 3 waypoints

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Just now got back to this. This will help a lot.

Also if you start off the amount at zero you won’t need the extra way-point at the start. which makes this doable using 2 way-points.Textpopup.sifz (1.4 KB)