Mac OS Catalina and Synfig

I have Mac OS Catalina v 13.0.3 installed on my iMac 27" CPU. I’ve had trouble with any browsing into the folders (or saving).
What I am getting in the error message:
Error opening directory '/users/greggscott/desktop"Operation not permitted.
I am trying both Synfig 1.3.11 and the earlier stable version v 2.

Hey, this known Github issue might be related to what you’re experiencing:

Thank you ghost. I saw this before. I hope Synfig fixes this so we can use this software.

You can still try to install a Linux guest OS in Virtualbox (available on Mac) to run Synfig…
Heavy solution but it can be used for other apps too :wink:

Thank you BobSynfig. Yes, that is always a choice. I don’t know if I want to go that road as of now.

@Gregg2g We have published a fix, please verify if it’s working now -

Sorry KonstantinDmitriev for getting back to you so late. The Holidays have taken up a lot of my time.
That took care of that one problems, but I found other problems as I started learning Synfig.

  1. I have Alias folders on my desktop that I cannot find while trying to import pic’s for the tutorials.
  2. Holding the center mouse button to move the page does not seem to work. What happen to use the space bar to pan the window?
  3. For Zoom, (^+) Control + and (^-) Control - do not work.

Thank you for your reply.