Mac OS Catalina and Synfig



I have Mac OS Catalina v 13.0.3 installed on my iMac 27" CPU. I’ve had trouble with any browsing into the folders (or saving).
What I am getting in the error message:
Error opening directory '/users/greggscott/desktop"Operation not permitted.
I am trying both Synfig 1.3.11 and the earlier stable version v 2.


Hey, this known Github issue might be related to what you’re experiencing:


Thank you ghost. I saw this before. I hope Synfig fixes this so we can use this software.


You can still try to install a Linux guest OS in Virtualbox (available on Mac) to run Synfig…
Heavy solution but it can be used for other apps too :wink:


Thank you BobSynfig. Yes, that is always a choice. I don’t know if I want to go that road as of now.