Lst file for eyes animation


Hello community

I want to include images png in a lst file during animation. I did it with papagayo to make mouth animation.
I want to make the same thing with eyes, how I can use the lst file during animation , please help


You creates a “simple editor” and writes list of file without extension and frames in which it changes. Saves archive in format .txt and renombralo to .lst


FPS 25
0 e01
2 e02
4 e03
6 e04
8 e05

file: e01.png, e02.png …


Thank you bazza
i did it as you suggeted but the images dont show up.

the png files have to be called like e01, e02 or I can give them different names?


It can have the name that want


something is missing, it is not workikng as you suggested, please help


ok, but it is not working

#7 (8.9 KB)

Your looks the project that attach