Lottie Export Failing - Help Please

Spent the last two weeks painstakingly navigating Synfig’s learning curve to animate a lottie file for my website; it is a very simple sequence, just to provide a short-and-sweet mouseover animation when my website user hovers over the icon. Finally finished today, hit the export button, and I get a window full of command line type entries, beginning with the line “Traceback (most recent call last)”.

Instead of exporting the lottie (JSON) file as expected, I get a synfig file that ends with “.sifz.B3438B32F.” Opening it just opens synfig project again. No JSON anywhere.

I have been reading into it, and the best I can understand is that synfig is unable to convert Advanced Outlines to the lottie format. I am certain my project does not have any Advanced Outlines though, as Youtube informed me to avoid using them from the start. My project is just basic regions and outlines.

Is there a way to find out what type of ‘thing’ each individual layer is made of? I lack the tech knowledge to be able to investigate what the issue is using the command console, layman user here, never worked with SVGs, animation or anything beyond drawing pictures in MS Paint.

Any help would be appreciated, I had high hopes for being able to do what I need to do with synfig, rather disheartened today.



Hi @Chris!

Can you share you file? I can take a look.

Also which version of Synfig/OS you are using?