Lost of Crashes on Windows

I’ve tried to use synfig and i keep getting a lot of crashes, i’ve got them in totally random places, without specific conditions that i could mention. Just wondering am i doing something wrong or everyone who use this program on windows have same issues?
I’m using windows 7 x64 and the latest stable synfig build.

Check that The ‘Single Threaded Renderer’ option at the Miscellaneous tab of the Option dialog, is enabled. Toolbox->Setup->Misc.
If the crashes still being excessive (random, just moving the time cursor) persist, please report it here again.

Thanks, it looks like single threaded renderer was disabled and probably even by myself :slight_smile:
It looks like now stability is better though i still managed to get 1 crash by playing around for 10 minutes, it happened after making Bline with very big width and then zooming out. Now i’m gonna test it a little more and report here what happens. Actually graphical performance on windows is bothering me a little too :slight_smile:

We are aware of those facts. :frowning: But we don’t have a windows maintainer who also is coder that could look at that issues with the Windows version.

Oh, i would actually be glad to help at least a little, but i’m having some issues with building, probably because wiki page for building in windows was not updated for quite a while. If i’ll not be able to figure this out by myself, then i’ll create a topic in building section, maybe someone would help.

The difficulties for build and the lack of debugging tools is the main problem with windows version.

If you tell me where you’re getting stuck, I can help - maybe send you the configuration files and recipes I’m using.