Losing My Head

Hi All,

I’m having a difficulty with the Curve Warp distortion.
After adding a midpoint to the to the
I’m setting up four keyframes for this test at ‘nail bent left’, ‘nail vertical’, ‘nail bent right’, ‘nail vertical’ and letting Synfig get on with the details.
The result is that the nail head is lost, warping out of view.
Can anybody suggest better methods or settings to avoid the problem, please?
More keyframes/waypoints, perhaps?
Run the nodes along splines?
Stop being lazy, work out the animation in terms of sine curves and let Synfig calculate the movement completely?
All the best

Your can increase the size of the area work origin and final

Does Synfig take into account the ‘room’ around the sections being interpolated in its choice of paths?

I do not understand a lot english.
I have attained good results using an area initiate big area and the distorción and errors are lower

I see!
Thanks for the clarification - that helps a lot.

You might not know a great deal of English, but you have more than I do of any second or third language (I do better with machine language than human - it’s not like I haven’t tried). Thanks for taking the time and effort to explain.


I’d post pictures, but using the img tag results in a message stating that the post has too few characters - which, technically, it does, because the act of posting deletes the content, however I’m wise to that one after trying to start the thread and simply write the text beforehand in an editor before posting it to the page.

A better result - thanks.
Not perfect, but definitely BETTER.

I tried various methods, but found most controllability by linking the warp curve tip and related tangent handle to a spline arc.
Interestingly, the arc is not a perfect circle.
I briefly experimented with the using converters to control the angle of the tangent handle, but eventually found it simpler to increase the size of the warp curve rig to the amount shown below and let the tangent handle sit at a constant angle to the spline arc as it progresses.

Also interestingly, I found that, even if the spline arc is deleted, the linked warp curve tip still follows the line of the non-existent arc.

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Thank you and goodnight :slight_smile: