Hi! I think now understand the basic of the program and started to animate a loop, I’ll continue doing the same and Post them here until gain confident to make the next step. It’s week of “Día de los muertos” in my country so, choose a topic was easy. :slight_smile:


VIC (very interesting character). :slight_smile:

I like it, really solid graphic design style artwork.

Thanks Fenix and DarthFurby. I was trying with another few animation loops. This time with classic characters that I like. For the Flying Nimbus I planned the key frames first in pencil2d software, then when it works import them in lst file ready for illustration and animation in Synfig. Render in 1920x1080 resolution.

You can see the animation here: http://youtu.be/9a77wWrohW8

Some screen capture of the project below.

Emeraldas is more like a hair wave loop animation but the illustration was very interesting process. The same way, I worked first in pencil2d and import the lst file, ready for illustration and animation in Synfig. Render in 1920x1080 resolution.

You can see the animation here: http://youtu.be/LgLTb_cMS7g

Some screen capture of the project below.

Two beautiful loops.

Thanks Genete. :slight_smile: For the first one “La muerte” needed a second version so I made it. I plan the animation with grease pencil, and when I got the idea, jumped to Synfig Studio.

If you want to see the HD render go here:

I like it more than the first one. Good work.

Second one is much better, indeed. Nice use of the grease pencil in Blender as an animation preview tool.

Thanks darkspace65 and Genete. I was studying layers and after a several hours distorting geometry layers I felt a little dizzy and I had an idea for a new loop animation. This time I don’t planned the animation, I just started working in synfig. I had fun but it was very time consuming, planning is always better.

If you want to see the HD render, here:

hi! I have been making animation exercises every day with diferente libre tools, and finally used synfig. Here, the little animations made with his timelapses.

Kodamas Timelapase


Octopus Timelapse


Blink Timelapse


More days with Synfig!

Mandragora timelapse.


Interesting series and has always very nice artwork. Do you has something in your mind doing all thats shorts or just improving your skills ?

I had a couple of weeks free and I tried to master all my animation open source tools, d.j.a.y .The idea was to animate something every day, and tomorrow is my final day. Now I will do a weekly animation, but more complex. Until I become in a better animator. :unamused:

Triceratops timelapse


:laughing: Inverse Dunning–Kruger effect, I almost spit my coffee laughing at it!
(more dinosaurs please :mrgreen:)

Sure! BobSynfig, I’ll do more dinosaurs, I like them. This one is my last of my daily animations. Now I’m going to do one at week, or maybe two. Until then!

Raven timelapse.