Looping objects in sequence with spacing

The final result I am hoping to achieve is for one circle to follow the other with the same spacing when it loops and continue this loop until the end of the animation.

Sample File

  • PINK circle moves from left to right in a straight line and the ORANGE circle follows 6 frames behind until they reach the far right.
  • At 30f the PINK circle jumps back to the far left and starts again with the ORANGE circle making the same jump at 36f

The ORANGE circle makes the jump to the left but then pauses for another 6 frames which opens the gap between the two circles. The more it loops, the greater the gap.

How do I maintain the same gap between the circles when looping.

Thanks for any assistance.

It’s a bit tricky, not gonna lie. Since the loop starts at different point in time for both objects we need to compensate for it using the “Link/Local Time” parameters.

Check this example:
Test LoopingE.sifz (1.4 KB)
Is this what you want?

Pay attention to the use of “Only For Positive Duration” and the fact that “Duration” itself is animated. It’s there to disable the “Time Loop” layer until both objects are synchronized properly to be used in a loop since orange circle is lagging behind at first.

For future reading about “Time Loop” layer: Time Loop Layer — Synfig User Manual 1.5.1 documentation

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Great explanation! Thanks for the help.