Loop Imported Synfig Animation Indefinitely

Ok fellow Synfig animators, sorry to burden you, but I am coming across another issue.

I know how to import a Synfig animation into another, but the issue arising is that the one that is imported just plays once and then it’s done. So I have to create a lot of redundancy in the imported one to match the length of my main animation, when all I need is to loop the same 5 frames over and over of the imported animation.

I will give you an example:

Main animation: Guy in spacesuit doing is idle stance with some slight movement (96 frames)

Imported animation: A strobing light, similar to ambulance lights, this will be used to put on the guy in a spacesuits helmet. This strobing light has 5 frames that “should” repeat. (5 frames)

I want to avoid having to change the switch animation of the strobing light for 96 frames if I can, because I may want to use this strobing light in other animations of the guy with a spacesuit which could end up being longer than the 96 frames.

Thanks everyone that has helped me so much so far!

does it need to look like this one…?
If so, it might be a bit complicated to explain… :unamused:

color loop.sifz (3.15 KB)
feel free to explore that file… (check their parameters as well, it has something cool inside)
I have to go busying around for a bit

I see what you did there. I need something similar, but not quite. What I need is the animation itself to loop indefinitely, which doesn’t have anything to do with color. The animation of my strobe light is repetitive, but it is essentially 8 images of switch layers that switch in sequence. I want to be able to just import it to my main animation so it will just repeat without me having to duplicate the waypoints for it hundreds of times, which is what I’ve done, but I have 3 different color strobe light animations, so that’s 1 down, and 2 to go, unless I can figure out how to get them to just loop upon insertion, it will not be easy.

estrobo.sifz (1.14 KB)

is it this one then?

switchloop.sifz (4.58 KB)

Yes, that’s it. Bingo. You are such a life saver Fadhilkwan! Now I just need to implement it, which just requires the time loop layer created as the top layer correct, with the frame duration input?

yes! time loop layer affects layers below them (including groups and filters)
you can use “Group” layer to limit its scope as usual

and as for duration…

“Duration” tells the layer when the running loop repeats itself
say that you have 5 frames of animation that you need to loop in
if you set “Duration” to 5f, the animation will only run for 4 frames, then restarts itself
instead, set it to 6f , so it can complete the run at 5 frames, then restarts back at frame 6

“Link Time” tells the layer the start point of the loop
for example, setting it to 3f, will make the looped animation starts from frame 3 instead of frame 0
(in case you start the animation at frame 0)
but at the moment, it has a very unpleasant bug :
Once you set “Link Time” to other value than Zero, you can’t set it back to 0
Unless you do the “Undo”, and it’s pretty risky,
Because sometimes “Undo” can lead to crash, so save first (or you can rely on the crash recovery system)

Just a quick follow-up to this one

I found something weird
It is Possible to set the amount of it back to Zero
But you have to do it Exactly like this

  1. Double click the value box of link time parameter
  2. Now Don’t Move the cursor at all and type Zero (0)
  3. Then you Have to Move the cursor then tap ‘Enter’

it does work almost all the time
And a bit add-up, Link Time is not the only one with this problem
Some parameters of other layers have this strange issue (Z Depth Parameters from Group layer also have this issue as far as i can tell)
so if you seem to find difficulties on setting some parameters’ value to zero, use that method above

EDIT : I finally found the cause of the issue…
See my issue here in github for more details