Looking for the best beginner tutorial videos...

I know there’s an ‘owner’s manual’ and written tutorials on this site for Synfig software, but I just learn better visually; so, I’m wondering if anyone might know of a site with the best Synfig beginner tutorial videos.

Thanx in advance. :wink:


Thanx again ‘G’…

Speaking of beginner tutorial videos I’ve got a series in the works: http://youtu.be/zYA4gYho5vo

Here is A preety good Tutorial by Dave Pagurek called Synfig Basics. http://www.pahgawks.com/blog/synfig-basics/

Also check it out DarthFurby’s Synfig Beginner Tutorial Series

Hey there - long time synfig user, new forum contributor! I am an educator who focuses on animation as a teaching tool and Synfig is my main work horse, and I have started accumulating a number of tutorials by myself and others in clear simple language at this youtube channel!

youtube channel “MedEd Animation”

Go to the synfig tutorial playlist, and feel free to subscribe and check out the rest of my channel’s resources as well. For example, that 360 degree 3d brain video to be watched with mobile device or goggles was also put together in synfig, as were the other samples of my works.