Littles about the web site ....

I have take a look in some corners of the website without founding a reference to mutli-language capacity of synfig.
This could be great to mention it … in feature page maybe ?
Speaking about that… a home multilanguage synfig page could be a must … (in some tubes maybe;;; or an entry for new bug/feature/catcher ?)


yes, but still it doesn’t work on Windows, …
unfortunately, for many of the kids in my school projects.

I think it’s going to take moving the compile environment to MSVC for Windows. Unless some of the Cmake scripts magically work, it’s beyond my capabilities. :frowning:

I’ll send you some magic… hope it helps

Here it comes:
magic magic magic magic


Hopefully I would manage to setup a cmake building environment. I need it for Cairo so it would be available for the rest of platforms.

I’ve got a initial setup for cmake building of the synfig-core that still has some harcoded internals (thanks to Diego Barrios aka eldruin). I would like to make it useful for linux and osx and later would be adapted to windows.

Please be patience. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome news!!! :slight_smile: I’m booth hands for cmake.

real magic coming along… :slight_smile: thx again G.

BTW, language problem in Windows version is not related to compile environment (autotuls,cmake, vc++, etc.)

too bad, so: still no hope??
I understood pixelgeek was expecting some help from the move to the different environment.

It’s not bad. It’s just a different roots of the problem.
There was similar problem in Gimp:

It looks like Gimp guys solved it now. So strategy is simple - just grab a maintainer of Gimp for Windows (I guess it is Michael Schumacher who can help you) and ask him how they fixed that. ~_^

hey guys, this thread was to talk about the synfig website …
not about some mysterious coyote incantation !
(ohoh… i’m so funny this year!!!)

and also hNy !


Yes, that question bothers me all night too - how language problem of Synfig for windows is related to the website? :slight_smile:
Sorry, I couldn’t understand your very first post in this topic. Can you explain problem using a bit shorter sentences?

“Synfig software have Multi Language Support , at least for GLnux / MaxOS platforms, multilanguage support for Windows platform is in the tube.”

This information is not present in the synfig website.

Question : Can an admin add this there ? (or something similar)

About multilanguage,
This could be great if synfig homepage being located.

----Hope this rewrite help you----


Multilanguage support is pretty common for all opensource software nowdays. So I don’t see a reason for special mention for that, Anyone have other opinions?

Technically it is possible to have multiple language versions of the website… With some rework of course.
But the main question is: is there anyone who will maintain the version of particular language and update them in time? That should be really dedicated person with good responsibility.

I tried the approach mentioned by those pages, but I think the problems are deeper than that - those solutions would work if we could actually make the Windows build process aware of the .po files - but it isn’t.
I might have to have a word with this Prokoudine guy and see if he can help us… :wink: … 00120.html

I agree and disagree, if you look at free and/or opensource offerings for animation that can be used on Windows I did find no tools w/ multilanguage support (MonkeyJam, PAP, Pencil: all do have no support for German today)…

We spend some significant efforts on multilanguage support here (for tool and doc) and there is no reason to hide! If it doesn’t work for Wndows yet for the tool, it is still important to state that we work on that.

Starting new things like moving the website to multilanguage is just another project, one more …

  • while we struggle to have at least a complete documentation in english (approx. 50% of the layer types have no description in the referenece today)
  • most doc translations are even more behind (German for sure, I was doing the last translations 2 years ago & noone else picked up this work item)
  • and some of the Synfig Studion translatios are imcomplete

So: Mention what we already have -> yes, sure! More multilanguage support (e.g. the website) is good, but we need people committed to take care of that.

Yes! Please!

Vlc can also be a source of informations as it’s multi-langua/system , and they use .po files

( - Talking about vlc module :
"If you want gettext translations, you need to setup gettext in the build system and maintain the PO files.
"However, the VLC core is able to load your module text domain into the process automatically. This is required for the plugins cache to operate correctly. You simply need to add one “set_text_domain” line in the module descriptor, e.g.: " […] - Building GTK apps for MS Windows on Linux (2004)
“If your app is internationalized, you’ll want to make binary message catalogs (.mo) in win32 format. I do this by using msgfmt.exe (available in the GNU gettext package for win32) under wine.”

Not really about cmake, and i’m quite sure the dev’team know all that…
but maybe re-reading basics can help to go higher …?


OK. I don’t want to get your hopes up too much, but I think I might be on to something.

Of course, now it won’t do anything but French. Something’s got cached somewhere.