Little synfig experiment

Hi Guys,

To show that I’m actually really not here to code, my first little synfig experiment (call it a doodle):

Now, I can finally do something serious… Kinetic Typography, here I come! :laughing:


Cool. I like the flash effect and the typography. I think you can also post it at the challenges forum.
Keep the animation taste! You’ll need it for code debugging! :wink:

yeah, Gerco, its pretty cool :exclamation: although i’m pretty sure (no offense) the same thing could have been created easily in Microsoft Office PowerPoint (a program for presentations), probably within minutes (of course i don’t know how long it took u to make it in synfig :wink: ) :laughing:

great animation though :exclamation: and i know i really shouldn’t be criticizing anyone else’s work, at least not until i create my first animation (which i happen to be working on now, by the way)… :laughing:


There are probably several tools that also could have been used.
However, using them would not have taught me anything about
Synfig!!! :laughing:

Besides, I’m a traditionalist. Powerpoint is for bullet lists! :open_mouth:


good point…using PowerPoint or a different program for ur experiment, as u call it, would NOT have taught u anything about synfig, like u said :exclamation: as for PowerPoint being for bullet lists, i think u got that wrong…its for slideshows and presentations (we ARE talking about the same Powerpoint, aren’t we? Microsoft Office PowerPoint for Windows?), although i suppose u could create bullet lists in it, that’s not what the program is normally used for… :laughing:

Good point however with the first part :exclamation: