List Importer

I’m having trouble with the list importer. It took me long enough to figure out how to import images but now I’m having trouble importing videos. :question:
The wiki wasn’t much help.

which part are you having trouble with?

First you need an image seqence, such as a bunch of .png files - it might look something like frame.0000.png frame.0001.png frame.0002.png and so on. I use Blender to extract a png sequence from a movie (but you can use other programs such as mplayer as described in the tutorial)
Then you’ll need a text file which contains a list of all the images in your png sequence, and this text file should have a .lst extension (easy to do in Linux, ls *.png >> mymovie.lst - but I wouldn’t know the best way to do this in windows)
At the beginning of this text file, you’ll need to put in the frame rate: FPS 25 (or what ever your frames per second is)
Now you just go file>import and browse to your .lst file. You can use the green ducks to scale it, and the time offset parameter to change the start time

hope that helps

And there’s no sound support btw

I already knew there is no sound support
Is Mplayer included in the Synfig “package”? If not then there’s my problem. :blush: :laughing:
If not, I suppose Blender would be the better option since I already have that.

mplayer has its own package for install.
Virtualdub is a good video editor option for windows.
See this link for some tips on image sequence import/export on virtualdub:

Mplayer is not in the Synfig windows package. Blender sequence editor is very handy though!

On a slightly related note, it looks like the VLC team is going to release a video editor. Should be interesting to check that out when it’s released.

Is the Blender VSE capable of extracting picture sequences? (If so how?)

I don’t have it in front of me right now, but I’m pretty sure it does. Isn’t it just a question of saving the animation in a still image format like jpeg or PNG?

yeh, pretty much
in the VSE window add your movie, and then in the properties (buttons) window under the render tab set the size, framerate, output type, file name, directories and so on. Make sure sequencer is selected in the postprocessing section