List import help?

Okay, so I understand that there is already a similar question on this board, but it was answered and wasn’t much help to me.

I’m using the linux version of Synfig .62, and I want to use it to create morphing animations, but when I try to import a .lst file, nothing shows up. Even when I type the file name directly into the correct params box, the layer remains clear.

I think the problem might lie with the way I wrote the list. I wrote it out as follows (I just wanted to use the default frame rate to experiment with, so I didn’t specify) :


Thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? Things I could mess around with to possibly make it work?

Please run synfigstudio from a terminal.
Then import the lst file again. Does it complain at the terminal showing any message?

Actually, running the system from the terminal seems to have fixed the problem.
Thanks so much for your suggestion. I’m not too familiar with the terminal, and wouldn’t have come to the conclusion to use it on my own.